SushiCafe is opened in Pocket Three Kingdoms!

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SushiCafe is opened in Pocket Three Kingdoms!

Post by Danez on Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:27 pm

As you all may know, Pocket Three Kingdoms(PTK) is kinda similar to Summoners War(SW). However, despite the claim that PTK is a rip-off version of Summoners War, many players still find it better.

Why better?
Listed below are some of the pros that outshine SW in a way =P

1) x5 Speed during Auto Mode
   Compared to the maximum auto speed of x3 in SW, PTK can go up to x5 speed which is way faster!

2) Quick Clears
   Upon completion of any dungeons(without using any gold revive and friends' rep heroes), the option of
   quick clears is given. Quick Clears enable the dungeons to be cleared instantly, which is even faster
   than auto x5 speed xd

3) Arena Fights Replay Sharing
   In PTK, watching other players' arena fights can be both interesting and enriching x; Interesting in
   terms of match appeal while enriching as anyone can learn which team set up is good for arena
   offense and defense. You can also boast showcase your arena wins via the replay sharing! =P

4) Free Daily Advanced Scroll Summons
   Best of all, there is a chance to get a natural 5★ hero on a daily basis!

Wait! Best of all is actually........
SushiCafe's opening in PTK! So do join us in SushiCafe if you guys start playing PTK!

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